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Question Microphone

Aug 1, 2019
My microphone out of nowhere started to make a lot of noise.
No one can hear my voice, and only noise is heard.
These are the second headphones that this happens to the microphones, however is the second time that happens to the second. The first time it just stopped and became normal, now it doesn't stop.
The audio card is up to date and no sound related drivers are out of date.
I start to think the problem is from the motherboard because the headphones are plugged into the back.
The weirdest thing that happens is when I put my finger on the metal part of my keyboard or my hand on the computer and squeeze a little, the noise becomes insignificant and my voice seems to be a long way from the microphone.
Here I leave a recording.
So you hear the noise, than i put my finger in the keyboard metal part and when i retreat it, it makes that big sound, and goes "normal".


Sounds like you are having grounding issues. Test the headphones on another system with the exact same setup as yours, meaning if you are using any adapters, use them on the other system also.

If you are buying cheap stuff, try something better. Physical damage to the cables can cause this also, tugging on the cable, stress on connectors.