Question microSD file system keeps getting corrupt for no obvious reason


Feb 11, 2018
Since when I got my current phone (May 2018) I had to reformat my MicroSD card about 3-4 times, probably because of file system corruption. (It's a SanDisk 8GB one, for those who are wondering. And the previous owner had installed it on 2 devices, the first was a tablet and the second was my current phone, no problems with those. Guess I was cursed!...)

One day I turned on my phone and noticed that several apps that had been moved before to the SD card were no longer functioning (toast notification saying "The app is not installed"). The other three times it just happened out of nowhere. Even today (at the time of writing), I just moved an app from the SD card back to the phone's internal storage, then the Settings app crashed and the phone locked, thus needing to enter my password and it was then that I could no longer move other apps to the SD card because of "low space available". I think this also happened because of corruption.

When this happens, I cannot move/copy/edit files to the SD card (on certain folders) and a small percentage of my files get corrupt. (Thank God this time only some useless pictures got corrupted!)

I tried to recover my data. God knows why 90-95% of it was intact and I'm so grateful for that. I have a local backup on my PC, but every time I started copying the data back (tried 5 times with no luck), the folders' contents and name were messed up and CHKDSK was able to only truncate the faulty folders, thus making the data inside them inaccessible (which was already, by the way, I was having errors about access being denied).

Can anyone tell me why my SD card's file system is getting corrupt out of nowhere almost constantly?