Microsoft Adding Native Support for 3D Printers in Windows 8.1

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Man... very old news Toms. I expect things to be late by a day or two... but over a week and a half?

Anywho, enough griping.
I really hope they do things right for 3D printers. Old 2D printers seem to have never standardized where we could simply get a default printer driver that 'just works' for general printing, and only needing the official driver if doing something specific to the particular brand or pinter. I fear that 3D printers are taking so many different approaches to the tech that we are going to have similar headaches.
Microsoft this is where you can capitalize, not from crappy/gimmicky UI's and windows 8, but by giving the best hardware compatibility, flexibility and functionality for your users. The one thing other OS's do not offer and the reason why you are so popular today. Get back to basics, support for new hardware like this is a good start.


Caeden, if you'd used Win8 you'd know it has built-in universal Class Drivers that work pretty damned good. I've seen a Windows RT tablet fired up and connected to a local network, and it instantly recognized the Brother wireless laser printer also on the network and had it available for printing without needing to download any additional software or drivers, unlike all my Win7 and below machines. Boom, just like that. Works the same for full Win8 devices.

It actually prints just fine, too. I think it's awesome that they're adding class drivers for 3D printers, point of sale devices, etc.


May 6, 2013
[quotemsg=11102292,0,1355204]This is all well and good but, when will they add native support for traditional desktops?[/quotemsg]

When you hit the big button titled "Desktop" on the main screen.
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