Microsoft and Walmart Tag Team Against Amazon

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I can't see those shopping cart cameras working right.
- People would figure out how to trick the camera.
- Sometimes people would remove an item from their cart before leaving then get charged (class action lawsuits)
- How will it deal with food stamps or split payments?
- Even with people involved produce rarely scans right. I can only imagine how the cart would behave.
Jul 18, 2018
Bad plus bad fighting bad equals what ??? Microsoft is a leach paralysing O/S 's Walmart is a bloody fire hazard. I went through a Walmart in Kunming China and I had to go thru every part of the store just to find a way out. Amazon - makes me want to stick my hand in my throat and pukorama. Always cheaper elsewhere. Now google has become another god. eff them all


Oct 11, 2017
You can actually quickly read an entire shopping cart of goods when exiting a store. Those anti-theft pillars they have read magnetic strips on goods and set off an alarm if that item was not run over the scanner at the counter. Altering this technology to read from a database and charge the person exiting the store is not too difficult. However, some degree of control needs to be in place to prevent misreading's and injury.
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