News Microsoft Announces Endgame for Third-Party Windows Printer Drivers

My question is "Who is the Thrid Party" here? how is it a thrid party driver when it comes from the manufacture? To me thrid party screams "Someone who didn't make or authorize something" IMO. Like tossing on a custom ROM for a phone. THAT is a thrid party. Not Google pushing an update on a Samsung phone (Yea I know it doesn't happen like that).

Would be nice if Automatically add network devices was just turned off by default. Sick of it adding a printer already added because it was added a different way or adding a printer and the driver it picked isn't right.
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Nov 2, 2014
So is this a way to force you to buy new printers? I have 2 Brother printers in the house, one about 3 years old, and the other a near-15 year old laser. Both work fine in Win10 and 11 with the current drivers. But I doubt the laser has a Mopria driver even if the inkjet does. Both are multifunction (print/scan/copy/fax).

I had to reinstall Win11 in one computer after it experienced corruption in the wifi drivers. So everything else had to be reinstalled. Was pleasantly surprised that Windows appears to have reinstalled the inkjet, at least, and that it's fully functional without having to install Brother's big software package. Mopria at work? Network transport appears to be http(not sure about the s). Haven't tested the laser yet. But if Brother remains as backward compatible as it has been, this should be a nonissue. If it doesn't, I won't be a happen home-systems administrator.


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