Microsoft Announces 'Windows Holographic' As Wave Of The Future

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Jason Cardiff

Jul 4, 2013
Let's're skeptical, the headset is clunky, it's not really a hologram (but moving on...) and you're bracing for disappointment. But you save yourself because you want to be proven wrong, because hey, MS could never innovate like that, right? What a lame story. You sound like just another anti-MS person who has a job on a website.


May 14, 2013
I'm more excited for AR than VR for exactly these uses, but I'm extremely skeptical that it's anywhere close to the renderings. One day it will be, and I can't wait for that day, but we are not there yet.

And we don't need to move on from them using the term "hologram." It's funny, and it's a terrible call. Way to make it sound dated before it even comes out, Microsoft. 'AR' is plenty buzzworthy and doesn't bring back memories of bad 70's movies. Their IllumiRoom or RoomAlive are closer to actual holographics.


Well he's not wrong in his assumptions of this being a disappointment. We have only just garnered a glance at this device.

It is not unheard of for Microsoft or any company for that matter, to show off a groundbreaking device and only have it be too good to be true. It is fully justified to be skeptical.


May 20, 2009
Stop Microsoft... just stop. If you can't get a start button right, you can't get holograms and AR right. Back to basics people.


Dec 29, 2012
Im anti-MS - no bones about it. However- I'll be all about MS if this thing is real!!! It's not the first of its kind though- there's at least three other (less well funded) companies with working see through developer kits like this. I was surprised to see that it was Microsoft to bring it out like this- but in light of the time they've had with Kinect- it shouldn't have surprised me at all. Here's to the future!
[quotemsg=15112320,0,1572548]Well he's not wrong in his assumptions of this being a disappointment. We have only just garnered a glance at this device.

It is not unheard of for Microsoft or any company for that matter, to show off a groundbreaking device and only have it be too good to be true. It is fully justified to be skeptical. [/quotemsg]

Yep hopefully this is not like Google Glasses which people forgot about already. Anyways, what we saw on the images was obviously rendered and not the actual thing. I would be interested to see this thing actually projected, and also its uses.

The most important concept of any device is its usefulness. If something's usefulness is just showing off or being new and innovative, it will not sell unless it has a specific purpose. So what makes this better to use than a desktop computer for 3D modeling? Would it even have sufficient hardware to do any intense modeling other than a 3D plane? Also, what does the OS look like and environment? Too many questions to judge good or bad right now.

But all in all these companies need to stop pursuing generally pointless things, not meaning to be rude.


Well he's not wrong in his assumptions of this being a disappointment. We have only just garnered a glance at this device.

It is not unheard of for Microsoft or any company for that matter, to show off a groundbreaking device and only have it be too good to be true. It is fully justified to be skeptical.

This is true, look at what people in the 50s and 60s thought the year 2000 would be like. Hell Star Trek was closer than the scientists and companies back then.

However, there is one thing I can point out. A lot of journalists are using Kinect as a good example. It is true that what Microsoft showed off has not come to fruition in games but that is mostly due to the game developers, not Microsoft. It is up to them to utilize the technology to its fullest extent and I am sure it is possible to but devs don't want to spend the money to have support for it and for normal controls.

I think Microsoft is showing a innovative idea here and I for one hope this is the first step to have a home like Tony Stark has in Iron Man where we can have 3D projected objects and screens that are able to be modified and played with in real time without the need for a headset.

I guess you could call me an optimist but I would rather be that than a pessimist who thinks no matter what they will fail.

Otherwise I can't wait for Windows 10. Something new to play with and learn.


Feb 8, 2012
"Even the onstage demo was obviously rehearsed"

Well, yeah. Who'd be stupid enough to not rehearse their demo? Though the 3D -printing -bit went a bit too far.

It's also about 2 years from release.


Jul 16, 2009
Did anyone actually watch the 2+ hours video? I did, the whole thing, this has been in development for years with NASA and JPL. If anyone can say this is a real product it is them. I can see an awesome possibility for gaming where your own house becomes a First Person Shooter zone and the primary adopter of new technology, the porn industry, adapts it for true POV "entertainment".


"this has been in development for years with NASA and JPL" What does that have to do with this device? Is this thing supposed to fly around and collect samples? Probably only consulted them for the mars demo.

It's not going to work. Another big flop from Microsoft.

"Alex Kipman said that the HoloLens processes terabytes of data that it pulls from its sensors in real time." I call bs on this. Receives terabytes of data from it's sensors, maybe. Processes them? In real time? No way.


Oct 16, 2013
No thanks, I am a human being using my eyes to see things and don't need augmentation in form of this. This is just another 3D TV hype.


Sep 27, 2013
Enough with this marketing crap. MS ALWAYS fails to deliver a good innovating product.
What happened to their idea with the table and phones, can you remember the trailers they showed? This *hit didn't move an inch(cuz you know they were too expensive for what they did), a few smart tables were made but thats it, dead idea.
What happened to Natal? Can you remember the marketing and what was promissed? Not even Kinect 2 is able to do it.
New UI that will help them to fire all designers and just slap few rectangules with different colours AND ALL apps able to run any platform(they took this idea from Linux people who were just playing with it and never deliver) yeah right.

Now MS took AR idea and GoogleClass(and its numerous clones) form factor and showed us yet another well made trailer. Not bad, for a trailer but... There is no way this could be possible at this point in time for numerous reasons:
- not enough horse power in those small glasses and even if they will send all of the data to the cloud service(i wonder who would agree on that though, every defense can be broken and this data could be easily used against you) it won't be either fast or quality;
- not enough power supply if this thing works offline(which is doubtfull because of the first reason);
- the scanning hardware doesn't work that fast and that accurate(and i already mentioned the size), people should just see what kind of scanners pro game devs and movie makers are using and how much time this data is polished afterwords;
- you won't be able to edit/model those object realtime as well, unless it would simple stuff that don't change geometry, and since its going to be online feature you won't be able to do it realtime without enourmous lag or too bad quality.


Jun 23, 2013
This is a mistake on Microsoft's part. It doesn't matter if you're innovative if you can't execute. Hell, I innovate in my head all the time. That doesn't mean any of those things become reality.
If Microsoft were smart, they'd wait until the tech was there, and build a great product to capture the market from their competitors. Instead, they're trying to achieve something that isn't practically achievable given the current state of computing. The same thing that happened with the tablet is going to happen here: perhaps they'll be one of the first, if not the first, but it won't be them with the hit product later on.


Jan 14, 2014
Every member of the press that was present at the event got the opportunity to try it on and use it for themselves. Every one that tried it said it totally blew their minds. It worked, and they weren't expecting it to.

Why don't you people read a review from one of the people that actually tried the darn thing on? Plenty of them on the net.

Processing Terabytes in real time? Yeah, they invented new processors to be able to handle that. Combined effort from Microsoft, JPL, and NASA to develop the tech.

Spew all the anti-Microsoft BS you want, and claim Microsoft is making a mistake or whatever, but this is something that is already running Windows 10 early builds and it runs Windows 10 universal apps.

The reporters that got to try it were able to not only step onto and walk around a martian landscape in real time, they were also able to play Minecraft. It's not all just renders, it is reported as actually working.

The real thing we have to wait on is final product battery life and things like that. It won't be released until after Windows 10, because it runs on Windows 10.
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