Discussion Microsoft backtracking on their efforts to push people into using Edge in Windows 11

Well let me tell you what I’ve noticed I’ve switch to edge because chrome was running all kinds of spyware software reporting tool and all kinds of BS snoop where that I don’t approve of. I uninstalled it. And deleted all data related to Google on my system. And now my system is nice and quiet the fans aren’t running at 100% and my CPU isn’t running all the time because Google isn’t snooping around anymore. I’m not going back to google ever it’ll be somebody else’s browser but it won’t be there‘s. People think Microsoft is bad those retards are way worse

my tiny little PC normally sits there 99% of the time not making a sound because of how I use it and I noticed that with Google Chrome installed it was always becoming audible and when I would check what’s going on it’s chrome that’s running something so they’re out and they’re not being let back in
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I mostly use Firefox now but default depends on what win 11 decides to use, its set to chrome since it kept defaults I had from 10, but some things load as Edge. I wonder if they stop search using Edge or just set it as default for other things.
Firefox all the way. In strict privacy mode with enhanced privacy settings toggled under about:config. Add to that the best content filter out there (Raymond Hill's uBlock Origins) and you're gold.
I do use Edge 3-5 times a month for those poorly programmed sites that totally break when any kind of filtering is enabled, but that's it.

If, from it's inception, Microsoft just offered Edge as an alternate browser, didn't try to push or trick people into using it, and instead, spent that advertisement money on actually making a better browser, more people would probably be using it today.
Manufacturers still need to realize that the absolute worst way to get someone to use their product is to try and force or trick them into doing it.
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Jul 11, 2015
They tried that with edge, its based on Chromium, like almost every other browser out there.
No one cared

Glad they fixed the defaults screen, it should have been there from the start.
I know.
People did care though, until they tried it and was turned of by the same mistakes ms has made in the past with browsers. And forcing people to use it is never a good idea.

Being based on chromium was a great start though, at least we are one step closer to never having to cater to IE's exceptional lack of standards.
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