Microsoft Co-founder Paul Allen Falls Victim to Identity Theft

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I guess that the persons who had the Microsoft co-founder identity got greedy that they could get away with $15 grand


Jul 20, 2008
*sigh* too greedy, you'd think they knew to keep the withdrawls small and do multiple ones over a spaced amount of time, never make big money drops unless the person has a history of the same behavior.


Aug 5, 2009
[citation][nom]bunnywanny[/nom]I guess that the persons who had the Microsoft co-founder identity got greedy that they could get away with $15 grand[/citation]
guy has billions. what, 17 billion something...

yea, if i was the guy who stole it, i would have went and set up a charity, and had paul donate 25 million to it and funnel the money out through launders and probably came out with 10 million when all is said and done.

but thats just what i would have done.


after how citibank has been screwing over american soldiers just like wallstreet banks have been screwing over home owners, i believe it was just a savy soldier striking back at being charged regular interest rates and violating the agreement banks have with active duty personal being put on active duty service member rates and citibank has been charging active soldiers the typical high rate for their credit cards and bank loans and using it to seize their homes when they can't afford to pay because they are fighting 2 wars instead of working their nice corporate desk job at 100k a year and are working for uncle sam for 12k-30k a year and being charged 12% and then 35% interest after their savings has been wiped out and they become delinquint.
i've heard this from so many commanding CO's that it's ridiculous and makes up for about 25% of a CO's day filling out paper work to the banks and calling banks and higher ups in the command staff and even trying but rarely getting a congressman to talk to the banks.
frankly it's become such a big sad story i half expect soldiers to start walking into banks and killing every one in them any day now.
How was he able to get the change of address by Citibank?
Last time I moved and needed a change of address, I was asked so many interrogative question by my bank that I thought I had done something illegal or committed a crime.


Apr 25, 2006
[citation][nom]freggo[/nom]"make payments on a delinquent Armed Forces Bank account"Seriously ?Exactly how dumb is this guy ?[/citation]

Slightly smarter than whoever charged my credit card for their electric and water bills.
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