News Microsoft Delays November 2019 Up for Some Windows 10 Users


Nov 2, 2014
What about a computer running Win10 1903 that has no bluetooth hardware, so therefore needs and has no driver? So far, 1909 has not been offered. Or does it actually have a driver, despite no hardware, and needs the phantom driver updated? Sounds like a job for installation from media rather than WU.


Apr 8, 2017
We had a Laptop that had windows 10 on it, and I hated using that laptop so much, I wiped the Hard clean and Installed Linux Mint 19.2 Lisa Cinnamon, a much better Operating System.
Then we have My Desktop Computer, I has Peppermint 10, Ubuntu Sever and Linux Mint 19.2 Lisa Cinnamon, which are all better Operating Systems than Windows 10 will ever be. The reason for that is Updates alone. Microsoft takes away a users ability to use their computer when it Updates, where as with all three Operating systems I have on my desktop, no computer time is taken away for updates. In fact I have 3 Updates arrive in one day and not once did I restart my computer and not once did it disturb what I was doing. And after having Linux Mint mounted on my Hard drives for over 4 years now, I no longer miss anything Windows has to offer.
Saying that above, more folks who make programs for The Windows Operating System, they should look at the Linux world, becuase in about 5 years, Linux will have taken over the Home Computer users.