News Microsoft Embraces AMD CPUs: Custom AMD Ryzen Surface Edition Debuts in Surface Laptop 3


Oct 19, 2011
Finally! I'm surprised it has taken Microsoft this long given their strong relationship with AMD on the XBox side. It's nice to see a mobile Ryzen show up in a premium laptop! My workplace has some Ryzen laptops equipped with the 2700U and 2500U. They absolutely smoke Intel in graphics performance, so I don't see what's so bold about Microsoft touting AMD's graphics advantages over Intel there.

Now we just need to get some of the Ryzen mobile CPUs to show up in premium tablet PC / 2-in-1 devices. Project Athena seems to be creating a huge graphics performance dead zone there given that system vendors have removed the option for Nvidia graphics on all new models. I also hope that the mobile market starts seeing the same core count competition we're seeing on desktop right now.
Good that AMD has arrived to Surface devices, this will probably allow a bit better budget friendly devices.

And as a matter of fact only the 10 gen CPU in the article support LPDDR4 3700 (as max memory frecuency) which doesn't mean Microsoft will pick a memory stick with that frecuency for thier Surface devices. Core i7 8xxxU named in the article they all have basically the the same memory support than AMD (DDR4 2400) plus LPDDR3 2133 support.

AMD is using a custom chip based on zen+ which is why memory support is not the highest. If they release a new custom made chip for Surface, based on 7nm node, it will probably add support for higher memory speed.
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How can a score be "147% less"? Is it now 47% into negative?
Good catch.

It appears the author is reporting 100% * (x/R - 1), where x is the experimental (Ryzen 7 3780U) and R is each given point of reference.

What he should've done is report 100 % * R/x, to indicate the that R is so many % as fast as x (where, in this case, R will always be some amount < 100% as fast) or report 100% * (1 - R/x) to indicate the % faster that x is than R.