Info Microsoft ended free upgrade from win7/8


some news already poping up and people get confused, just posting some info here

windows 7/8 keys during free upgrade period got converted into digital licences

those digital licences are valid and will be still working (no change - already upgraded for win 10/11)

who still has win7/8 key which wasnt converted into win10/11 licence, free upgrade is gone
this can affect grey market keys, as many could be win7/8 keys disquised as win10/11 keys

people who didnt converted key or got key from questionable source will need to buy new 10/11 key (licence)

win7/8 keys -> win 10/11 digital licence (no physical key)

unlicenced keys will not activate anymore (this changed)

licenced keys will still activate on 10/11 (not changed)

canary build doesnt accept keys while 22H2 accept keys, dont know if its intentional or not

but who has valid digital licence doesnt need to type any key at all, device will autoactivate on its own (as device is already licenced)

if you need to manage your devices and its licences, just log into your microsoft account and manage it from there