Microsoft Family assigned incorrect premissions


Aug 31, 2017
I have read several posts in this thread to find an answer to a problem that Microsoft technicians are not able to fix.
This was my response to a user with the same issue of an incorrect "status" that affect permissions and access.

I actually have the same problem for my daughters account. She has NEVER been considered a CHILD on any Microsoft account, however she is now being restricted and prompted to acquire permission to use Chrome. This is preventing her to use her Outlook account and other accounts through Chrome access. Microsoft technicians are just not smart enough to figure out how to fix the problem with the account. I have spent 5 days with Microsoft trying to correct the account access. Their account department has verified that no other user is on my account and that my daughter is not on any other account. They also verified she is considered and "adult" on her account.
Now they want to uninstall her OS and reinstall it. This doesn't seem like a "fix". I came to this forum as a parent to find a way to remove the restrictions on her account. We never set up any restrictions but for some reason Microsoft did and they can't figure it out. I hate to see that the response here was one that assumed the user wanted to find away around some restriction. This is obviously a error on Microsoft's behalf because it only occurred after one of their famous updates. I sure could use some help because this is costing us both valuable time and potentially harming our GPA's because I too, am attending college and it has taken me away from my studies.