Microsoft Flight Simulator X fps Drop


May 17, 2012
For you fsx simmers,

Ive had flight sim x insalled onto my computer for a little more than a year now. Ive always had problems and for those problems ive always had a chance to fix it. With this issue, i am stuck behing a fat concrete wall.

One day i opened up fsx. I usually get around 30 fps on averge and at heavy airports i get an average of mid 20's, which was normal. Well, that one day i opened up fsx i was getting 5 fps at the same settings and no other program running. Ii was getting 5 fps with the default ultra light over the default airport flight sim chooses (the one that spawns you in the air.) i knew the harddrive was having some issues a week before this new issue but i was able to play it normal. I have fsx its own 500gb drive. Later, i decided to put it on another drive that used to have fsx a while back and the same error occured.

I was thinking it was my gpu or cpu so i tested some other games (like Arma2) and it worked normal. I have 4 hdd's. One has my operating system on it along with a few of my other games (500gb). Another has fsx (500gb). The other two had extra files like videos and pictures and that kind of stuff. The only thing i could think of is to install fsx to the hard drive fsx has never touched before which is my 320 gb hdd i think. Ill do that on Monday.

I was just wondering if anyone else encountered this issue and may possibly have an answer for this one?



Aug 9, 2012
I just found a new free program called JetBoost it has made a big difference.
I had a simoilar problem to yours and even if i screwed everything to the left still could not get a decent
FPS untill:I made a new uac called aviation which i took off all the stuff i didn't need to run fsx
FPS went from 15 to the 80s and 90s.
I am running an E7400 and 9600 gt and running everthing on ultra ecept traffic and water

I bought extreme FSXpc but really had no luck with it