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-Full Official press release below-
All-Star Publishers Commit to Deliver Content for Next-Generation Xbox
Gaming heavyweights pledge their support to fuel HD Era.
REDMOND, Wash. - April 8, 2005 - Microsoft Corp. today unveiled its
all-star lineup of award-winning publishers committed to making the
leap into the HD Era on Microsoft's next-generation Xbox® platform.
The future Xbox will deliver on the company's vision of the HD Era
- an era fueled by consumer demand for experiences that are always
connected, always personalized and always high-definition - through
the amazing clarity of high-definition graphics, extraordinary benefits
of constant connectedness and exceptional personalization abilities. To
help make this a reality, Microsoft has assembled some of the most
powerful publishers to drive the industry into the high-definition
gaming revolution. Together, these publishers have sold more than half
a billion copies of current-generation Xbox console video games
worldwide and represent approximately 70 percent of all
current-generation console games sold in 2004.*
"The key to bringing the vision for the HD Era of gaming to life is
our partners: world-class publishers and developers that have molded
and shaped the history of interactive entertainment for tens of
millions of gamers worldwide," said Peter Moore, corporate vice
president of Xbox global content and marketing at Microsoft. "This
stellar lineup of publishers and developers is poised to deliver games
experiences our customers only dreamed were possible, and is ultimately
committed to elevating video games to be the No. 1 form of
Publishing heavyweights such as 2KGames, Activision Inc., Atari Inc.,
Bandai Co. Ltd., Bethesda Softworks LLC, Buena Vista Games Inc., Capcom
Co. Ltd., Codemasters Software Company Ltd., Eidos Inc., Electronic
Arts Inc., FromSoftware Inc., InterServ International, KOEI Co. Ltd.,
Konami Corp., LucasArts, Majesco Entertainment, Midway Games Inc.,
Namco Ltd., Phantagram Co. Ltd., Rockstar Games, SCi Games Ltd., SEGA,
Tecmo Ltd., THQ Inc., TWP Corp., Ubisoft Entertainment, Vivendi
Universal Games Inc. and Webzen Inc. have committed their support for
Microsoft's innovative vision for the future of high-definition
These premier publishers join Microsoft Game Studios, whose stable of
game developers will bring exclusive content to the next-generation
Xbox platform. These developers include BioWare Corp., Bizarre
Creations Ltd., Bungie Studios, Epic Games Inc., FASA Studio, Lionhead
Studios Ltd., Rare Ltd., as well as newcomers Yoshiki Okamoto's Game
Republic Inc., Hironobu Sakaguchi's Mistwalker and Tetsuya
Mizuguchi's Q Entertainment Inc.
The next-generation Xbox titles will provide exhilarating entertainment
experiences that will drive the HD Era. Gamers can expect technological
advancements such as multichannel audio fidelity that will plunge them
into a world so realistic, even the faintest enemy footsteps can be
heard. These advancements will be fueled by richer online communication
and by an abundance of on-demand content delivered by the Microsoft®
Xbox Live™ service.
In addition, Microsoft is fully committed to this generation, and
gamers can expect an amazing pipeline of titles into 2007. This year
alone, Xbox publishers and developers will deliver more than 200 games
to the platform. Since its launch, Xbox has sold 20 million consoles
worldwide, and is expected to sell millions more.
This unified show of commitment from the leaders of the publishing
industry underlines their belief in the Xbox vision of how hardware,
software and services can be fused to power next-generation gaming and
entertainment experiences.

Industry Partners Support Next-Generation Xbox

"Moving into the next generation of console hardware, Microsoft is
dedicated to creating cutting-edge technology that enables us to
develop more immersive and graphically stunning games. Gamers
everywhere benefit as Microsoft's state-of-the-art tools allow us to
turn our ideas into unparalleled gaming experiences."
- Greg Thomas
Visual Concepts, developers of 2K Games' critically acclaimed 2K5
Sports series

"The next-generation Xbox video game system platform gives us
unprecedented personalization abilities that allow gamers to completely
customize their gaming experiences like never before. We share
Microsoft's vision for the HD Era and look forward to providing
consumers with unparalleled game and entertainment experiences."
- Kathy Vrabeck
Activision Publishing

"The online interface and customization offered by the
next-generation Xbox is a leap forward in how consumers interact with
games. Atari hopes to maximize the advantages of Microsoft's new
platform and provide our consumers with the type of immersive
entertainment experiences that are synonymous with the Atari name."
- Jim Caparro
President and Chief Executive Officer
Atari Inc.

"Bandai is proud to be one of the publishers planning for the
next-generation Xbox. Our unique and exciting games will be a great
addition to the next-generation Xbox product line."
- Naruo Uchida
Vice President

"For many gamers, having a personalized experience always has been a
driving force behind playing a role-playing game. With the
next-generation Xbox, we can create even more original, immersive and
engaging worlds for players to explore."
- Pete Hines
Vice President of PR and Marketing
Bethesda Softworks

"Our production organization is gearing up to bring a wide range of
products to the next-generation Xbox platform. The incredible
capabilities of this system, along with the continued evolution and
expansion of the Xbox Live community are exciting for us and for our
- Michael Ryder
Vice President of Worldwide Production Buena Vista Games

"Today, it is my great pleasure to announce Capcom's support for
Microsoft's next-generation Xbox console. It is my firm belief that
by utilizing this new hardware we will be able to further our longtime
goal of creating the perfect blend of unique gaming experiences with
revolutionary, cutting-edge technology."
- Kenzo Tsujimoto
President and CEO

"We've always loved creating games for Xbox and working with
Microsoft; we share a great passion for developing excellent, superbly
playable games. Everyone at Codemasters is excited to be part of
Microsoft's vision and take the gaming experience to a new generation
of Xbox."
- David Darling

"Eidos is fully committed to developing for the next-generation Xbox
system, taking our console products into the next generation. The
incredible performance of this new architecture enables our developers
to utterly demolish the barriers presented by the current platforms,
delivering entirely new experiences to our players."
- John Spinale
Vice President
North American Development
Eidos Inc.

"EA studio teams are already deep in development on games that will
debut with Microsoft's new console. We're particularly focused on
making use of the high-definition and online capabilities - two
elements we think will define the game experience on the next
generation of technology. Microsoft is a great partner, and its new
console is going to be a blast for both developers and consumers."
- Don Mattrick
Electronic Arts Worldwide Studios

"We strongly believe that the next-generation Xbox will completely
change ideas and images of entertainment, and we are very honored and
pleased to join this great project."
- Naotoshi Zin
FromSoftware Inc.

"We have great expectations for the next-generation Xbox. We are
looking forward to making full use of the next-generation Xbox's
capabilities to provide game fans all over the world with a completely
revolutionary form of entertainment."
- Toru Ogawa
Managing Executive Officer
General Manager
Software Division
KOEI Co. Ltd.

Webzen Inc.


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