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My computer is HP t588d. It comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. A
couple of weeks ago I replaced them with Microsoft Natural Multimedia
Keyboard and Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.

Since then, I have been trying to resolve the new keyboard problems for
the past 2 weekends and many evenings.

The set came with a split cable - USB and PS/2.

When I connect the cable to the computer USB and keyboard PS/2, the
computer cannot detect my keyboard. (There is no problem with the

When I disconnect the PS/2 and leave the USB on, then it can detect the

Problem - When I start typing on the keyboard, either it triggers off
the Calculator and HP Multimedia Player on typing the 3rd letter, or
the screen does not reflect what I type - It either jumps the order or
a string of other letters appear.

I have already installed V5.2 of the software.

Please help to resolve.




Apr 26, 2003
Archived from groups: microsoft.public.windowsxp.hardware (More info?)

Sometimes these things can be a real B*tch, I just went thru the same sort
of thing w/ a mouse/keyboard upgrade and subsequent "return to the old,
but better, setup" [Anyone want to buy a brand new, only used for 1 day,
Optical Desktop Elite? Very nice, but I'm addicted to my old Trackball
Explorer and MS Office Keyboard, I just couldn't adapt!]

1) use add remove to remove the OLD HP Wireless Combo software, whatever
it was.

2) use add remove to remove both the NEW intellitype and intellipoint
software. [we'll reinstall it below.]

reboot as required above.
at this point xp should be running on basic key/mouse software.
Make sure all remnants of the old stuff are gone.

keyboard and mouse should be plugged into PS2 ports ONLY, leave USB
unattached. [you did say mouse was a stand-alone wireless mouse, and
keyboard was a normal wired keyboard, right?], reread small booklet that
came w/ them. PS/2 is best-bet for a windows setup, using USB buys you
little, and introduces headaches when you want to use the keyboard at
bootup or in the bios.

At this point both should work, tho none of the "special"
keys/buttons/features should work.


Now, you need to install the PROPER VERSION of Intellitype for your
keyboard - it may not be the latest, 5.2. Check here:


Install the IntelliType, reboot. Your keyboard's special features should
now work.

Always install intelliTYPE before intelliPOINT!


Now, you need to install the PROPER VERSION of IntelliPoint for your
mouse. Again, check above.

IF IT TELLS YOU TO USE 5.2, I WOULD RECOMMEND getting 5.0 and 5.2.
Install 5.0, reboot and check it out, if all is well then install 5.2 over
it. 5.2 added back-in the application-specific mouse features, which were
removed in 5.0 for some reason. I have found that doing this "upgrade 5.0
to 5.2" thing works best, since going straight for 5.2 often causes
conflicts w/ any version of intelliTYPE earlier than 5.2. [typically, the
keyboard's scrolling wheel feature wont work right, and type32.exe often
simply hangs; you'll notice when you shutdown that type32.exe is "not


if your combo supports it, version 5.2 of both seem to work ok/best
together. However, TYPE 5.2 removed support for some "older" keyboards
[like my MS-Office Keyboard; why microsoft, why? it was a popular
keyboard...], and most issues I've seen seem to occur when you're forced
to use an older version of TYPE w/ POINT 5.2.

If you don't care about the "application specific" mouse support in POINT
5.2, then type/point 5.0/5.0 are a good combo - that's what's on the CD
that ships w/ most hardware available today. The trick is ensuring there
are no remnants of earlier versions lurking on the machine...

Good Luck...