Question Microsoft office 2016 not opening


Dec 7, 2013
As originally suggested, I would try booting into safe mode first. Turn off the mac, then hold down the left shift key an turn the mac back on. Continue holding down the shift key until you get to the login screen. Then release, and login. You should see a red "safe mode" in the top corner. From there, simply try to launch windows.

I know that Microsoft discontinued support of office 2016 and is focused on 2019 and 365 now (yes they still have a home and student standalone). You can also try going onto a separate user and launching from there.

Do you have any other issues. Like the mac rebooting? You might be having a kernel panic issue.

You can do the other basics like reset NVRAM by holding down opt, cmd, p, r, while you reboot until you hear two startup tones and then let go and let it boot up all the way.

Beyond that you may need to reinstall office or contact microsoft for it as it may not be something with you mac but with the program.