Microsoft Office not Working



I'm having some problems with my Microsoft office programs. Whenever I try to open them errors would come up for eg. Microsoft Word-"There is not enough memory or disk space to run word". I have 1 GB ram and 60GB free disk space so I don't think that's to problem. I would appreciate it if you could outline the solution step by step
That 1 GB of ram is a problem, especially if you have a small paging file. Go to Start, Run, and type in cmd. Copy and paste the following lines into the command window:

wmic computersystem where name="%computername%" set AutomaticManagedPagefile=False

This line will disable the automatic management of the paging file size by Windows. Then copy/paste this line:

wmic pagefileset where name="C:\\pagefile.sys" set InitialSize=2048,MaximumSize=4095

This will set the paging file size range so that the system can adjust the paging file from between 2GB and 4GB as needed.

Post back if this doesn't work.