Question Microsoft Office Word 2007 References Citation Question

Feb 18, 2019
I have been using Microsoft Word 2007 for around 12 years. Yes I know, I should probably upgrade to a more current version of Office. I only recently learned about the References feature, which I never knew existed. Right now I am currently working on a graduate paper. My graduate committee wants to list my references in two groups: Primary and Secondary. The primary sources are printed sources like books, journals, and magazines. The secondary sources are for web and electronic articles and documents. I have seen videos on YouTube in how to insert the entire references list, but I cannot find directions on how to either select sources individually so that I can group them properly or have word automatically group printed and electronic sources accordingly. Doe anyone know how I can do this? Thanks.

Math Geek

it looks to me like the only thing that might work is to use the manage sources section to add some sources. then go back and do it again with the other sources. does it add them to the end of the list or resort them alphabetically?

it does not appear to be built in to create categories but it may be possible to fool it like i am thinking. i don't have a list of sources i can tinker with to see if i can do it or i'd spend some time playing

i actually still use office 2007 myself and can't see any reason to "upgrade" either

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