News Microsoft Officially Stops Testing Windows 11 on Unsupported Hardware


Oct 5, 2018
Every new Windows version, or even Service pack...people say this.
Interestingly, very few do this.
Agreed, very few do it. For many it's a disruptive process to switch. But enough do it and the vast majority of them that do take the plunge stay. Windows doesn't have much to recommend coming back, it's all third party applications at this point. That's all Windows has now.

Realistically, "very few" keeps adding up. There was "very few" at Windows XP, plus another "very few" at Windows Vista, .... (rinse repeat) is why Linux is a growing user base. Microsoft keeps bullying people - they refuse to learn. Linux right now is around 2.5% according to StatCounter and has never been bigger looking at long term trends. Several years ago, it was 2.0% even. Several years from now it will be 3.0% and even probably 4.0% thanks to Valve. Go back far enough to 1991, and Linux had a grand total of one user on one computer.
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"Damn Windows, I'll install Linux instead!"
(favorite game is only available on Windows)
"Humm... ok, I'll dual-boot then."
(never boots Linux again)

Right? I have Ubuntu dual booted on my work laptop ONLY because some things i do for work is easier in linux, but how many times have i booted to it? 3 times in 8 months XD

I got a feeling someone somewhere is going to do something to get around this, or some of this.

The thing i don't get is when they tested Ryzen Gen 1, they were all "It had 52% (Or something like that) more crashes. Ok how many did the supported gen have? 1, 2 crashes? so now 3 crashes a month? I could live with that. Or some people can until they can't anymore (Luckily all my stuff will support 11 as I just upgraded to a 3600. but yea I won't be upgrading for a while. Sadly all my PC's at my office are not supported with the exception of my laptop which I may upgrade as it has nothing of real importance on it and mainly just use in the field for some basic stuff.