News Microsoft Reportedly Moving Its Servers to Custom Chips

I feel this may be good for the "normal consumer". If more of the big tech go in-house then the market importance of the the normal user will become even more important to the profit margins of Nvidia, AMD and Intel, that may mean a more competitive market and hence better pricing. The GPU market is just a complete F##k-Up right now. I wa looking at the Asus 6800xt with the AIO and it was 1.129€ 2 days ago here in Germany. I looked again this evening and it is now 1.196€ ...... madness.
One of NVIDIA's key planks into becoming a world leading company was to secure massive profits from their server sales into AI. These are highly lucrative profit items and contribute significantly to NVIDIA's bottom line. Also server sales are subject to a less fickle customer base. Once you are in, you are in for a long time as software is optimized around that platform.

Seems like other companies are starting to balk at what NVIDIA wants to charge. And NVIDIA has always had a very spotty history (at best) when it comes to vendor relations. As they say "The itches got too big for their britches."

Intel is under assault from AMD, Amazon, Apple, and now Microsoft.
NVIDIA is now under assault from AMD, Amazon, Apple and now Microsoft

And I couldn't be more pleased. Monopolies are bad as a whole for everyone.

Thank goodness for competition.

Side rant: It will be interesting to see where x86 ends up in a decade. x86 as a whole is an enormously complex architecture with multiple legacy support modes. It creates a lot of circuit overhead which limits the potential of it's advancement. It's the difference between making a Turbo Prop go faster (x86) and a jet turbine (Arm/RISC/MIPS) go faster. The problem is the entire airplane (windows desktop and console gaming) is built around the turbo prop.
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