Microsoft Security Essentials proble.


Jan 11, 2012
Hello guys. I'm having a problem with MSE. I have it on all my computers in the house and have never had an issue with it before now, but somethings going on that i feel unsure about.

(I don't know if this is related, but this is when it started) Yesterday I ordered something from newegg and as I'm confirming my purchase and a window pops up with all my contact information and the last 4 digits to my credit card and the security code and my name and it says as a new feature to our online purchasing or whatever please put in your password to confirm you are who you say you are. (I have never had something like that pop up before, so i click cancel, because i dont feel like taking that chance of fruad. and the order goes through anyway even though i didn't verify with the password to my bank account.) So i don't think anything of it.

This morning when i wake up and try to get on my msn email, Google Chrome says it cant connect to with /link extentions and says make sure these setting are right in your browsers and etc, and they are. (and i also got blue screen twice while installing Microsoft essentials to check my email from the email thing in the Microsoft essentials package) since wasnt working.

So I ended up just getting on my email with my phone and checking it there, but when i restarted my computer i got a windows alert saying Antimalware executable or something and i clicked send information to solve the issue. Meanwhile my MSE (Microsoft Security Essentials) says real time protection is turned off and im at risk. so i turn it on and then restart my computer again to see if the problem is still there, and it is. So that's when i start a full scan and about 50% through the scan it says MSE has crashed or has been turned off and cannot complete the scan, so i turned on MSE in my firewall settings and restarted scan and now I'm posting here. I have screen shots of some of the things happening.

Is there some kind of virus that I might have that can turn off your virus protection?

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