Microsoft Stops Russian Hackers Targeting GOP

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Dec 28, 2012
Wow! Just when the Russian-collusion (not) scandal needs a new shot of adrenaline! Leave it to Microsoft: the premier intelligence agency to have discovered this.
Yeah, right!

I get the sarcasm as it is Microsoft but so many companies have found various forms of Russian hacking. Oddly our president has made the whole issue about him since day one instead of about Russian interference. You know the whole "no collusion" saying even way before anyone even thought there may have been any collusion people were just irritated a government messed with our democracy. That I have never understood and in fact he likely wouldn't be having so much grief if he would have went all in with investigating this whole issue. It has been proven that Russians were/are hacking our political system by spreading FUD and actual targeted attacks.


Apr 10, 2013
The problem is figuring out why Russia always supports and takes steps to help Trump. If they attack the dems to help Trump that could mean anything. Now attacking Republican groups that also oppose Trump, it shows a common denominator - Trump. Why would Russia oppose anyone that opposes Trump? Other than destabilization I don't see what Trump has done as far as action that actually benefits Russia. Destabilization is very long term, you have to be prepared for a long, slow process.


Jan 7, 2016

As somebody who has been fighting hackers all their existence, Microsoft is quite well equipped in this field.

I don't get why people think this is a mystery. Trump likes Russia and is not hostile to Putin. So it's not at all surprising that the more nefarious Russian elements would try to support him. Lots of Europeans supported Obama in 2008 for the same reason, and their social media posts that were pro-Democrat, anti-Republican were everywhere. Still are in fact. But for some reason the media only makes it out to be a problem when Russians do it in support of Trump. News flash - people try to support people who like them.

I mean think about it seriously for a moment. More than half the world's population has Internet access. i.e. For each individual American who voted in the 2016 election, there were 28 foreigners on the Internet. There is absolutely no way you're realistically going to prevent non-Americans from influencing American voters via social media. You're deluding yourself if you think the Russian support of Trump is somehow the exception, rather than the norm. The fundamental tenet of Democracy is that you trust The People to make the right decision, even if a certain percentage of them are idiots who'll believe everything they read. if you don't trust The People as a whole to filter out bad info and make the right decision on their own, then you're basically admitting Democracy doesn't work. And we should just scrap the whole thing and come up with a different form of government.

And no I didn't vote for Trump. I think he's a terrible President. But I know selection bias when I see it. If you only look for roaches in one neighbor's house, you will only find roaches in that neighbor's house. That doesn't mean other houses are roach-free. For all you know, the one neighbor whose house you searched may in fact have the fewest roaches, and you just don't know that because you didn't put as much effort into searching other houses as you did his. Trump is correct about one thing - this is exactly how witch hunts were carried out in medieval times. Someone started a rumor with maybe a kernel of truth, and the extra scrutiny of only the supposed witch is what led to the aggregation of a large amount of evidence against the person, not the fact that they were more guilty than any other random person.
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