Review Microsoft Surface Laptop Studio Review: Windows 11 on a Pedestal

Spanky Deluxe

Mar 24, 2009
I'm so annoyed that they've downgraded the screen resolution from the Surface Books so much. They've made it clear these are meant to be the replacements for the Books so they should have kept the specifications the same or better. I'm sure the 120hz screen is nice for some situations but when doing office work and looking at spreadsheets and rotas all day long, the extra resolution of the Books was really useful.

I know it might be seen as a minor change to some but the high res screens was one of the main reasons we went with Surface Books in the first place for our office. Now with Windows 11 coming out so people have to learn a 'new' OS anyway and with the Surface Books being discontinued (shortly anyway), we're going to be looking again at what solutions would be best for our workplace. If we're looking elsewhere anyway then Apple's M1 machines start looking very tempting due to much better performance and battery life compared to Microsoft's offerings. Yes no touch screen but no one in our office has used that feature. Hell, a MacBook Air and an iPad is cheaper than one of these so it really starts getting hard to justify Microsoft's premium. :(


Jun 26, 2018
I'm super interested in this device. I've had a Surface Book 2 15" for almost 3 years and have loved it.

A lot of what I do requires more than average power (music production, some vr, 3d, digital art, programming, etc.) But I don't push to extremes. I need a gpu, but not at the "intense gaming" level. The SB2 has been plenty powerful for me, and I have loved the form factor of it. I think the Surface Laptop Studio would sit in a similar sweet spot, and I love the new take on the hinged screen.

Macs aren't of interest -- I use pen and touch all the time and would hate to be without them. Other Windows laptops with more power or cheaper cost have some other compromise like an inflexible screen, but I haven't had a plain old laptop for more than 6 years and don't want to go back!

I have an iPad Pro 2021 and love it for using individual drawing and sculpting apps. But most of my work requires desktop software with multiple screen environments and an iPad just doesn't cut it.

My SB2 has been great and I probably have another year or two before I upgrade. Looking at the SLS, I see many positives and no negatives for my particular uses.