News Microsoft Takes First Steps Towards Better Repairs with New Study


Jan 12, 2021
We had a Surface Pro (1 or 2 maybe) where the SSD died on it. Perfectly usable except for that. It immediately became trash. Well, I'm sure someone could have fixed it. I tried myself but it was my first time trying to take off a glued on glass screen and I failed miserably. Got the damaged SSD out but a lot of good that did with a destroyed screen. I'm glad to see they're just now finally starting to take repairability into account. But these are things they could have done from the start if they didn't want to be able to charge people $200 for what should be a $50 upgrade of an SSD.


When Dell diagnosed a bad motherboard on my laptop an few years back (two hours with tech support in India) they were willing to send me a new mother board to install myself. I told them I was capable of simple repairs and had already sent them pictures of the MB.

Got me back running much quicker than sending the machine to a repair depot.