Question Microsoft Teams being blocked from accessing Webcam by antivirus after Microsoft Office Update


Oct 15, 2011
I have disabled it on start through Office but sometimes I still get notifications (usually when I try to close it after opening it) that it is trying to access my webcam and is being blocked from doing so. Why would this be if I am not using the webcam feature and when I close the application? I had office installed and never even installed teams, it just appeared after a Windows update, is this legit behavior? Windows 8.1 if it matters.
Looks like a fancy color coded (assorted Teams, Finance, Marketing, OCR (Office of Constant Renaming), Skype replacement with a new name and color scheme. and pushed with MS Office 365....

I'm guessing the app notes (inventories) it's chatting hardware when it starts, w/ all cams/mics/audio sound/recording gear included...


Jul 2, 2019
Because if an app uses a webcam as part of its central functions, and Teams does, it will attempt to access the webcam any time it gets fired up. [I'm not addressing what's causing it to start.]

You either need to enable camera access for the app or deal with the nag on those occasions if you're going to keep it blocked.

I'd say that I prefer Android's way of not even allowing an app to start if you deny one of its core functions access to a permission or device it needs, but I really don't. When you have something like Team that can be used for scads of stuff without ever using the camera at all I don't want it blocked from starting if it is only being denied camera access.

Look in your Privacy settings, Camera and you can bet your bottom dollar you have app access to the webcam in general permitted, but the toggle for Team thrown to "off."
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