Question Microsoft Teams - Managed Devices - How are they recognised?


Nov 23, 2019
Hi there,

Are there any MS Teams admins out there who can help me answer a question?
I'm not an admin, I'm an end user in a large organisation. Some time ago I installed Teams on my personal PC but using my work account. I aren't sure if an exception was made for me specifically for this device, but if I try log into Teams on another PC or even another installation of Windows on the same PC I get an error saying this device isn't managed therefore I cannot log in.

I think, then, that sometime in the past an admin might have whitelisted my personal PC as a one off.

With no malice in mind, is there a way I can mimic the whitelisted PC on another computer should I need to swap machines or upgrade down the line? I'm wondering as I aren't sure I'll be able to get an exception made again by our system admin (if indeed that's what occurred).

Is it as simple as spoofing the whitelisted machine's MAC address or is it more complex than that?

Thanks for any help with this one. It's not urgent, just more of a curiosity and heading off a future inconvenience :)

Thanks all