News Microsoft to Welcome Third Party Widgets in Windows 11


Jan 22, 2015
"In Windows 8, Live Tiles were a pretty adequate widget functionality surrogate. With the Metro UI you basically got quick access to all the widgety information you might desire at the press of the Windows key, thanks to that full screen 'Metro' style Start Menu. "

Unless of course you wanted to see basic things like the date, time, or what apps were open. Because the start menu also happened to hide the taskbar, which contained all of the most frequently used information.

"We'd appreciate a local media / music player widget, a streaming audio / radio widget, a sticky note widget, and a system info widget (CPU utilization, temperature, etc.) Other welcome additions would be some of Google's apps in a compact widgetized UI, and perhaps a Twitter feed. "

Does Windows 11 not already have this functionality? What an embarrassment.
But I guess what can you expect from a team led by an individual who went on record saying that Windows 11 users can't reposition/resize the task bar in the same way as Windows 10 and 7 because it's simply too hard to program a GUI that can do that.
The Windows 11 team's leadership is so incompetent they believe that a team of thousands of people working for a Trillion dollar company can't figure out how to let you reposition a static menu bar... despite being able to literally copy and paste code the code that they've been using for over a decade.