How To Microsoft Windows Game Mode - Turn it off


May 29, 2012
When you launch a game, however, Windows 10’s or 11 Game Mode takes effect and prioritizes that game over everything else on your PC. So why wouldn’t Game Mode be enabled by default?

It doesn’t do anything unless Windows thinks you’re running a game.
Some Windows users have reported that some games actually perform more slowly and increased stuttering with Game Mode enabled.
It sounds strange, and it certainly shouldn’t work this way—but it sometimes does.

End quote:

That said, if your computer is powerful enough, you might not notice any improvement at all. There is no hard and fast limit on what system specs most benefit from Game Mode, but a good rule of thumb is that if your computer uses hardware that’s more than three or four years old, you will probably see some improvement.

If You have a fairly decent and a modern CPU and a good GPU, just turn Game mode off.
There are absolutely no reason for that feature to be enabled in a modern somewhat hefty or above system, especially since it interferes negatively with some games.
Start > Settings > Gaming > click on Game mode button => Turn it off

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