Microsoft Windows XP Media Center 2005 vs Student Teacher


Jun 6, 2006
I just built a new dual core AMD ASUS 939 socket PC., GeForce 7600GT, Antec P180B. I Loaded
Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 w/Update Rollup Release 2 OEM 1 Pack - OEM from New Egg and thought it had word, excel and power point on it and it doesn't unless I am missing something. It loaded great but I need all the software I listed. I can load my XP student teacher on it and get rid of Media Center but I wanted Media Center too. Any suggestions?
You're talking about 2 completely different products. Windows XP Media Center is your operating system not your Office suite. No version of Windows that I know of comes bundled with MS Word, Excel or Powerpoint.

As to your second question, yes you can load your MS Office XP Student & Teacher Edition onto your OS. That should not be an issue.