Question Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter


Oct 27, 2018
Cannot connect to Windows 10. I can see the adapter on the TV (MSDisplayAdapter_54). Added the device on Windows Settings successfully and can temporarily connect it. I even get to the firmware update stage, BUT I always lose the connection after precisely one minute.

I have: installed the special Win app, followed every boilerplate Microsoft troubleshooting / help support page and the processes they recommend.

After uninstalling/reinstalling the computer's wifi network adapter, I think I've identified the problem, I think. It could be the fairly cheap and cheerful adapter, the TP-Link TL-WN7200ND. When I run it on the original drivers (2009 I believe), the computer will connect with the TV display adapter (for a minute). But when I run the TP-Link on the latest drivers (2012), Windows says the TV is not discoverable.

This makes me think I need a newer/better network adapter for the computer to sync with the display adapter on the TV. Tried researching known compatibility issues, but all I get are the aforementioned boilerplate responses (which I've already spent hours trying to apply). Google clearly isn't helping, so I thought I would turn to higher powers. :)

Like I said, I think it's a compatability issue between the dongle and my comp wifi adapter, but that might just be because I've reached the limits of my know-how. Help, please!
For what I know, WiDi technology needs support from both the video card, and WiFi adapter. I have such an adapter, and I have no problems using it with Surface Pro, but I haven't tried it with other computers.

Have you tried this dapter with another computer (preferably an Intel laptop)?