May 4, 2006
This discussion is more to vent then anything else but here goes....

I had an issue with active directory and a corrupt record that wasn't replicating to all my DCs. I reluctantly decided to call Microsoft support to attempt to resolve the issue. Of course I got transfered to some tech agent in India. I still don't have a problem at this point.

I explain my problem to the gentleman. He then asks me a million dumb questions completely unrelated to the issue at hand. They were obviously scripted. He also had such poor english skills that I had to ask him to repeat the questions several times to understand what he was asking.

Needless to say the tech was poor in many ways. He failed to provide a solution. He couldn't speak clear english at all. And he took forever to accomplish nothing. I found a work around later that evening and fixed it myself.

Today I'm at my desk. I get a call from microsoft. They want to tell me about some of there other products and how they could help my company. It is so amazing how clear the sales people can sell you the product compared to how poorly they can support it.

A true gage to how good the software is would be to move the sales to india and the support to the local country. If the software is so good that a foriegner can sell it to me with out me being able to under stand them would be priceless and the best package in the world.

Microsoft gives its customers the best until they make the sale. Then at support time they give them the cheapest.
MS isn't the only company to do this... most IT telephone support is outsourced to foriegn nations. The only time you're likely to get someone in the US or Canada is if you phone during normal business hours (IE 9am to 5pm... adjusting for time zones). Dell, HP, MS... all the big guys do it.