Question Microstutter/freeze/hang when using keyboard

Sep 4, 2020
Hey guys,

Yesterday a very very frustrating issue arose. Every 2-3 seconds my PC will microstutter for 0.5-1.5s if I am typing. Note. It does the same thing using on screen keyboard. It is solely tied to the keyboard, If I go into a video game, and move the mouse around rapidly, it will not freeze. Another thing. If I for example open up a twitch stream, and then type into notepad, the notepad typing will stutter, but the stream video/audio is absolutely fine. Another thing to note, it does this everywhere, notepad, browsers, game, windows search bar, here on reddit.
It also catches up with what im typing, if im mid sentence when it freezes, it does instantly type out what ive typed when it unfreezes.

This issue seems to go away in safe mode.

Ive tried:

A different keyboard - nothing
Removing every single keyboard driver from device manager and restarting - nothing
Updating my Corsair keyboard firmware and drivers - nothing
Clean booting windows - nothing
Safe mode - issue goes away
sfc /scan now - no issues
prime95 - no issues
On screen keyboard - even if I restart pc without keyboard or a different one, still causes same issue
SAMSUNG Magician/crystal disk - No issues reported.
Going through task manager and killing everything not required - nothing
Control panel - Devices - keyboard - troubleshoot - nothing
Updated GPU to latest drivers.
Ran a Malwarebytes scan - nothing

What ill do is upload a video here for you guys to see what happens, quality will be crappy since its on a phone but ill use keyboard then on screen keyboard (as it has audio beeps) for you to see.

I dont know what to do and its stopping me from doing my day job so if anyone has any ideas on what to try please fire them over!

Thank you so much for reading!


I randomly found the issue.

I have been using NZXT's CAM software to track my temperatures, killing the process fixed the issue. Ive now removed it. Posting for others to learn and hopefully fix their own issues in future.
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