Question Microstutter in any game (and Windows)

May 21, 2020
First of all, hello there, I'm new to this, so I have no idea how to effectively ask questions. Hear me out.
Thanks already for reading.

Problem explanation:
So in winter I got myself my dream PC (specs will follow). In the first month I set the system up, so that it would work, and then I left it for a while since I had to concentrate on school.
After school was crashing down because of coronavirus I had more time to play a lot of video games. I started to "sweat" in CSGO. On trainingmaps I was improving my aim a lot. But then, it happened, I saw or "discovered" the microstutter (This does not relate to the training maps!!!).
Many examples of microstutter may have, lets say 400ms stutters. Mine seem to be shorter, but frequent (100-200ms) (I also can see them in the Superposition Benchmark, at the 4k Render)

My PC specs:
  • Ryzen 3800X (not stock cooled)
  • NH D15 (Humping my CPU)
  • RTX 2070 super
  • 2x 8GB GSkill Trident (@3600MHZ)
  • X570p (the cheapest budget one from ASUS)
  • MP510 (NVME SSD)
  • The standard Samsung Evo SSD that everyone recommends (not NVME)
  • Corsair RM750
  • (Not activated Windows)
(CSGO can run at 300FPS)

The things I've tried already:
  • Check temps (my CPU stays at 70C with Cinebench R20 running)
  • Check temps 2 (my GPU stays at 65C at high loads)
  • Run MemTest86 for 16 runs total (0 Problems)
  • Change DigitalPort output on graphics card (I have also recorded the stutter, so its likely not a monitor issue)
  • Run a antivirus (Avira and Malwarebytes to be exact)
  • WJ32 (Cleaning the cache every 5 minutes)
  • The thing where you type stuff in the console (when I remember where I found it I will post it)
Things that I do with my PC:
You know people like me, I have some 30 google tabs open. This doesnt seem to hinder performance. Since even when closing them it makes no difference.
I have some 3D CAD software, since I'm into 3D printing I have some software installed on my PC, maybe this does something, but it doesnt seem to run in the background when not opened, so I should be fine).

Problems I've already had with this PC:
So, I mentioned that in the first month I had to set up this thing, well as you can imagine, not everything worked great.
To put it short, my old RAM was faulty, and the GPU had terrible coil whine, both got replaced.

Also, sometimes when I move around apps (so like, grabbing a window). The "FPS" drops and the window stutters around.

Superposition Benchmark:

The lags here occur (mostly) in the same scenes. I let it run at 4K, and I'm able to get 60FPS average.

If you want I can upload a video to youtube of the stutter and send the link.

Whats next?

I'm so desperate that I may even do a entire new setup on this system, but that takes precious time. And thats not really how I like to solve problem either.
But first I'll wait a bit before doing that, maybe you guys have a solution.

Thank you so much.
No really, if you read the entire post you are a hero. Thanks in advance.

All the best :D
May 21, 2020
I can’t link the page on my phone for whatever reason.

Google AMD x570 chipset driver download.
So, I downloaded the AMD Chipset Software Installer. Ran the programm and tried again, sadly it made little to no difference...

Another thing I have noticed is, when I play video files, recorded with Streamlabs OBS and move mouse whilst playing it, the video stutters. But if I don't move the mouse, it runs smooth.