Question Microstuttering and low FPS on Apex Legends with high-end PC (stock i7-4790k + RX 5700XT)

Nov 6, 2020
Hello brothers,

I have a problem I'm dealing since i brought my pc, i thought that my pc is beast, but it seems like it lack performance. When I play any games i got random framedrops, stuttering and low fps in majority gameplay.
My Spec:
MSI Gaming 5 z97 (prob best for my CPU, updated BIOS)
i7-4790k (stock, not overclocked, unparked, high performance power plan)
AMD Radeon RX 5700XT (clean installed with DDU, all settings set to best performance)

monitor BenQ xl2430T (144hz, so i want to be at 144fps all the time)
2nd generic monitor 60hz connected to iGPU of CPU

Razer Mouse & Keyboard (Razer Synapse and Central)

Things I tried:

and lot of lot of tweaking in my early age

Would gladly answear any helpful question.
Thanks for notice :)

EDIT1: CPU and GPU usage is always around 100%
when i receive message on facebook i have opened on my second monitor, i got stuttering for 3 seconds
Hyperthreading ON/OFF = no difference, game set on 4 threads with startup command on Steam
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Nov 6, 2020
test with only 1 monitor?
4790k is 6gen old, it mid level
make and model of the psu?
cpu/gpu temp during the game?
ram/ssd usage?
malware scan the system?
yes it is old, but its powerful, right ? 4Ghz ?
PSU: Corsair VS650 (that is enought power i suppose)

test with 1 monitor and rivatune frame timing adjusting:

stutterings are less noticible with only one monitor, but still are very annoying

stutterings happen at each CPU peaks down
maybe CPU is automaticly overclocking on demand ?
game is on HDD storage, OS is on separate SSD
Malware found 0 problems
Nov 6, 2020
Edit 2:
1 monitor option seems stable, but its still stuttering a little, i choosed to connect 2nd monitor and forced Chrome to use iGPU, let's see what will happen