Question MICROSTUTTERING in everysingle game after remplacing everysingle component


Mar 2, 2019
Well so guys hope some1 can help me or give me an idea. Okay let me start its been like 1 since i started having microstuttering on my PC that was totally new. well so the first time i saw this problem i tried some things like Reinstalling Win 10 , looking for some neccesary drivers like all MOBO Drivers updating it too well nothing happened so first time i decided to RMA my GPU in that time it was a GTX 1080ti well but the problem was there so i literally remplaced the RAM i bought x2 M.2 SSD 1T (That ive been searching information just to see if this was the problem of the Microstuttering and im suspecting on it btw they work totally fine but just maybe cuz i saw more people saying the same that they were experiencing similar problem with microstuttering) i bought 32GB Ram totally new then remplaced the PSU MOBO CPU and even again the GPU just to be totally sure that wasnt a factory problem so i got a RTX 2080 super And the problem persist . I tried RivaTunner to fix frametimes but still no fixing anything. I tried other monitor not with 144hz like this one just 60Hz and the problem keep drilling my brain . I changed some Windows configuration, Nvidia control panel , etc i have no softwares running when im playing so there is not a software causing it. Im totally sure that everything on my pc is Updated so today i was searching information just to totally fix this and i found some people saying that they were experiencing Microstuttering with OS installed in M.2 Samsumg Evo 850 so they said they just fixed it installing the games in that one and using an SOLID SSD to the OS but the think is could it be the problem? in my case cuz literally Temperature or CPU GPU usages Voltage are totally fine ive been learning about it and im sure the problem must be something stupid like Something unsupported by other Hardware component MY SPECS:RTX 2080 SUPER I7-9700K 32GB 3200HZ X2 SSD M.2 1T SAMSUMG EVO PLUS 970 PSU CORSAIR PLATINUM 850W 144 hz Monitor Freesync Supporting GSYNC too but the problem its the same with or without it same with Vsync.


Remove one of the SSDs, (remove all extraneous additional storage until testing done) and full, fresh WIn10 reinstall with only 1 installed, and retest....(if you were running a mainboard controlled RAID0, you might need to delete it, possibly secure erasing the SSD to clear it if the partition formatting cannot be simply deleted....)

Naturally a fresh reinstall will then require all mainboard chipset drivers to be installed, then GPU driver package, and all WIndows updates...