Question Microstuttering in most games when I move around

Sep 18, 2020
I recently had a power surge that knocked out my PSU and Motherboard so I got those replaced and everything else survived, but recently I’ve been noticing Microstutter in most of my games that go over 60 FPS where it kinda seems like it hiccups when moving around regardless of Ingame settings (initially I thought I found the culprit being GeForce experience since it seemed like it toned down a bit but it’s still prevalent). I’ve just been so paranoid that the cpu is the cause of it since I don’t remember this happening before and I’ve tried a slew of troubleshooting and nothing has seem to have worked (clean windows reset, power setting, adjusting windows settings loaded default bios settings and a few others). One thing that I’ve tested and seems to kind of worked is I set a FPS limiter in the Nvidia CP and my games seem to run a bit smoother with vsync and or triple buffer on but some games that are more CPU intensive instead of the Microstutter It would stutter for half a second every minute or so so I still have no idea. The only other thing I would suspect software wise is the windows driver since that hasnt updated recently ever since this was happening. I just wanted to ask for any tips on rule out the cause and confirming what it is since i’m considering getting a warranty replacement but I’m kind of scared on how long that would take and even if the cpu is the issue in the first place and the replacement being for nothing.
Intel i7 9700k
The other parts I would suspect if not the cpu would either be my RAM (16gb ddr4) or my GPU (2080 ti) or maybe even my 4 harddrives (one 500gb and 1tb SSD and two 3tb HDD)
Also I brought it into bestbuy to have it tested and said my cpu and gpu passed the stress tests but I’m still confused why this is happening now after getting it back