Question Mid game my pc crashes and shows me a random colored screen and a buzzing noise appears and the system shuts off after a couple of seconds.

May 30, 2020
Mid game while I get a kill or get killed or revive a teammate and such, or pretty much any action I take in game would sometimes just crash my pc and I would get a screen that is either red or green or brown, any color really and my headphones would be buzzing for a couple of seconds and my pc shuts off but not like any normal shut down. My mouse would still be lighted and so is my keyboard. My monitor would say no signal and when I press my power button it does nothing I would have to press the reset. I tried to use lowest graphics settings in game thinking its loading the gpu or whatever but I main Rainbow six and it mostly uses my CPU based on what Task Manger says but my pc would still crash. Even sometimes when I play .io games online such as someone please help me or lead me to someone who could help me it would mean a lot. Also my pc is brand new I just built it leas than a week ago. My specs are ryzen 5 1600 af with an rx580 8gb. 16gb 3200 speed ram (however I do not use xmp because sometimes my pc wouldn’t run and sometimes it would and I was told my MB can barley support 3200 so I leave it default at somewhere around 2000) and I have a brand new 700 watt thermaltake 80+ white psu. Thanks for reading!