Mid-low Range G-card debate


Jun 29, 2003
Im looking for a card that will be quite cheap but still last for a decent period of time and give decent texture quality along with playable framerates.

I was gonna go for the TI4200, but then I saw that some FX5200's were beating TI4200's in certain areas, and the FX supports directx 9 so that would be the best in terms of thinking ahead. Then I waited for a while and now I see that for a little more an ATI radeon 9600 can be bought and it can beat the other 2 hands down. The thing is, I have now seen that the FX5600 is beating the 9600 in certain benchmarks and it may be a tale of things to come.

So, is it ATI 9600 or FX5600? Nvidia is notching up with their directx9 support in their drivers so they could come back with some impressive future results with their FX cards and I have always been with nvidia so Im a bit tentative to move across without being sure that support and quality are in decent amounts. So who is it?

Thanks alot


Jun 26, 2002
Get Radeon 9600 PRO if you have money. Otherwise get Ti4200 and save money.

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9600 PRO is the way to go if you want to get some longevity out of the card.

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