mid range motherboard question


Sep 24, 2007
Hi everyone,

After doing some research im thinking of choosing Gigabyte P35-DS3R as my new mobo. Ill be using it for gaming purposes and moderate OC(this will be my first time doing it).

I want to ask if anyone can recommend me any other non-SLI mobo which are :
1) Cheaper but have roughly the same specs and performance OR
2) Slightly expensive but have great specs and performance

Thank you
Yeah, I think it's worth it for some people. For example if you have a big monitor (1920x1200) and a smaller one (say, 1680x1050), the DS3P will allow you to have two video cards and let each of them handle one monitor. I hear that even an 8800 GTX struggles in this scenario if you don't have a cheaper card there to help it. I'll find out as soon as the Samsung 275T goes on sale :)

Plus the DS3P has FireWire, if you need it.

On the other hand, the DS3R has 3 PCI slots instead of 2. Very handy if you need to plug in an X-Fi, a TV tuner and a modem.