Might switch to Linux . . . need some advice!


Dec 31, 2005
I've never used it before and was wondering if it's worth trying out. Can I play all of me games like HL2, CSS, WOW and others without a problem. . . is it easy to use or get used to? fill me in
If you're used to Windows and how it does things, it can be very complex. There are some flavours of Linux out there that are easier to use than others. You may have trouble getting some games to run... if you can get them to run at all. Most of the time, it can be done... but the process isn't always painless...


May 31, 2005
the 1st linux that i touched was mandrake 9.0 (the mos user friendly linux in that time), 2 days later i burned a Knoppix on my CD and was SURPRISED

if u want a stable and really Easy Linux, try Knoppix, if u like it, u will find a way to install in on HD too (btw, its a Live CD, so no need to install it on HD, u can test it from the CD, it boots without problems)

a stable and easy to use Linux is Ubuntu too, if u dont like Gnome (the graphical user interface, Desktop Enviorment) then try to find Kubuntu it uses KDE as a primary DE

im more a fan of Debian based Linuxes, SuSE, Red Hat and others didnt really work good for me...

my opinion for u, just try Knoppix ;)