Question Migrating from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 Business


Feb 28, 2012

I have a client for a charity who I am trying to help out with their mess of a computer system, they currently access their emails via Gmail Workspace and some of these mailbox’s are large at over 15GB.
They have got Microsoft Business 365 Premium for free as they are a nonprofit and they want to move everything over to Microsoft.

So I believe from the Microsoft Admin Centre I can migrate the emails across from Gmail into Microsoft and then the DNS servers will just need to be changed from the current Gmail ones to the Microsoft DNS servers?
Then set up the desktop Outlook app to connect to the new Exchange server

I found this guide for the migration here -

Have I missed anything out?
One thing that does concern me is that at the top of that page it says "Effective from December 2022, the classic Exchange Admin Center will be deprecated for worldwide customers. Microsoft recommends using the new Exchange Admin Center, if not already doing so. "
The further down in step 5 it says "IMAP migration is not available for new EAC. "



The link to the migration guide works.

The two EAC links (classic and new) lead to login screens for Outlook and a Microsoft account respectively.

Barring some real cooperation between Google, Microsoft, and client charity, the migration needs to be professionally planned and executed.

The first and foremost effort being to ensure that no data (emails) are lost. Or, if so, are proven to be recoverable and readable. Backups being critical.

I suggest that the charity solicit some donated project assistance from local IT professional companies.

At least for the companies to act as oversight or otherwise provide insight and knowledge.

And certainly the migration project should start with a test migration batch as suggested in Step 5.