Question Migrating Sata SSD to M.2 NVMe without clean install

Aug 2, 2020
I bought an Adata XPG SX8200 Pro 1TB M.2 SSD to replace my Samsung 850 EVO 250GB SATA SSD as the boot drive and keep the Samsung in the build for now after wiping it (for info, I haven't wiped it yet and it's still in it's original bootable state).

Initially I cloned the Samsung over using the software that came with the NVMe drive (Acronis True Image 2018) but my PC wouldn't boot from the new drive. I have previously done this when I moved to the Samsung from an old HDD and essentially my PC state/programs/data ec. were retained. When it didn't work I realised it's not as straight forward when moving to NVMe drives and after some research I followed the solution in this thread:

I now have a functional clean install on the NVMe which is a relief but I have to go through the work of re-installing everything etc. and manually migrating files to get my PC back to where I had it. Is there a way to avoid this? i.e. can I be left with the same PC state but on the new boot drive?

In hindsight I didn't think to check whether upgrading Windows from the boot USB rather than installing Windows only would have retained any of the previous state. Or is it possible to create a backup of the old SSD and restore it to the new one? I have an external drive to facilitate this if needed.

MB: ASUS Prime Z270-A

CPU: i5 7600K

Thanks in advance.