Question Migrating to Ryzen soon, need B450M Motherboard settings and advice.


Apr 30, 2020
Hello guys, so i've been confused with which B450M motherboard that have a good bios stability, and good vrm design for slight overclock, also im going to use Ryzen 5 2600 and maybe ill overclock it for less than 4.1ghz. I've read some articles that make me worry that my rig wont work for long.

First up was the Memory DOCP/A-XMP mode that i've read most on article didnt work at 3200mhz XMP/DOCP mode, so they lower the ram freq.

Second, what things i should do upon build the rig? like lowring voltage or what?i've heard that i must disable some Auto mode (like lowering NB Voltage, etc.) on the bios so that my rig would run fine and wont fail.

The mobo im going to use is MSi B450M Gaming Pro since i dont use more than 2 slots of ram atm, also it was said that msi have a good VRMs. I really need your advice on which B450M Motherboard that could do overclocking good (not too much, just less than 4.1 or 4.0ghz on R5 2600), could use up to 3200mhz ram or more freq, minimal 2 slots of ram, and also not too pricey. I currently live in Indonesia, currency is Rupiah (1 USD = 15.5 Rupiah)

Thank you in advice :D