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Question migrating windows 10 entr from hdd to ssd(no product key)

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May 26, 2021
Hello, so I got this used pc that has 1TB hdd, within that disk there's a windows 10 enterprise, I do not have the product key and no way of getting it.
I followed some articles online and ran some cmd commands to discover that this is a volume_mak license, the liscense is activated forever, I also have a new sdd 128GB.

can I migrate win10 from the hdd to the ssd? will the license migrate also? does it must be on the same pc? is the license linked to the pc hardware or to the hdd? do I need the product key at any time? if so, must I use 3rd party app? is it possible that I also have license to office(the pc was reseted before I got it with no office), what will happen if install a fresh copy of windows 10 entr on the same pc?
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You do not "own" that license and it is unlikely that that license "followed" the used pc.

And that pc may not have had a legitimate license to begin with.

For the most part all you can do is to attempt the migration. If Windows/Microsoft accepts doing so then that might work out.

Otherwise, Forum rules prohibit further assistance.

Contact Microsoft.

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