[SOLVED] Migrating Windows 10 to a new M2 drive

Nov 17, 2021
Hello everyone,
so I thought I had a simple task ahead of me from my Acer Nitro 5: clone my previous 128gb m2 disk to an external 512gb SSD (using AOMEI backupper), replace the 128m2 with a new 512gb m2, clone back the hard drive and that was it.
Naturally, that's not what happened because the PC won't boot from the SSD if the previous m2 disk is deatached. IF it is connected, it works and will boot, but if the SSD is left alone, it just hangs on a loop.
I tried the external repair kit and windows 10 media kit with the "repair installation" and they won't work, even going with the fixboot command prompts did not seem to solve the issue, giving various "access denied" errors. I also tried the whole procedure from scratch using Reflect but it always hangs a 50% when cloning giving a read error.
I originally thought I actually had two M2 slots, which would have made this a little more painless, but naturally that wasn't the case.
What can I do to successfully migrate my old WIndows 10 M2 to my new M2 via external SSD?
This is my situation at the moment: https://ibb.co/HK7G6YG
Thank you very much.