Mar 28, 2006
I was wondering if any of the local guru's have a solution to my problem... I have XP installed on my machine and I have everything the way I like it. Now I want to upgrade my mobo/proc/video ect. ect. ect. Anyway I know XP doesnt like this and will have driver errors but if I reinstall doing a repair install I have heard that it will work ? also im looking at buying a program called "StepUp" that claimes it will do this as well... I have Ghost so if there is a way to use that ? any help would be mucho apreciated !

Thank you in advance for any help :)
Start>programs>accessories>system tools>files and settings transfer wizard

I would never run a repair for a new mobo... you are just asking for trouble.

The only way to do it right is to save settings, back up files, and reformat... OR buy a new HD while you are upgrading, and keep the other drive as a secondary drive. You can even make it an external USB drive with a kit. (In the latter case you would still want to run the transfer wizard.)

reformat tips:

-download all the newest drivers for the new rig first
-take your time and make sure EVERYTHING you need gets saved.
-it's possible to get a copy of SP2 that's redistributable... an actual .exe-type file. Good to have as it saves a large download later.
-update the new mobo BIOS before installing XP, if it needs it. This can influence HOW XP installs on the system, and make for smoother sailing.
-being methodical will SAVE you time.


Nov 19, 2004
Tips for settings that you may forget to backup before reformating:

- Mail file (e.g. Outlook.pst)
- Favorites
- My Documents

Also try to have a look in Control Panel - Add/Remove Programs
Scan the list to remember what useful apps and utlilities you had installed.

Make sure to make a Ghost image and burn to CD before reformatting. That way you can always get back your old o/s. Keep the data partition if at all possible (i.e. just reformat C: drive)

Good Luck !