Question Minecraft fps is showing as way too low, dont exactly know the problem

Sep 3, 2019
Hello, just to get started, I would like to explain that I have asked several people about this, and have never gotten a fix, and that I dont exactly know the cause of my problem. Whether it is because of my computer, or its a visual glitch, im not sure.

Computer specs:
RTX 2070 (overclocked)
i7 8700k
16gb ram

Main Problem:
In minecraft, both multiplayer & singleplayer, my fps are drastically lower than they should be, and have a cap for some reason. I will use singleplayer for example because there is usually no lag. I should be getting atleast 3000fps say on a superflat world with no entities. However, my fps shows precisely 247-250 fps constantly. The only time I get the correct amount of fps, is if I exit minecraft, while it is still open, and go onto chrome or something, then click back into minecraft, i get 2800-3400 fps then the next second it drops to 1500, then the next second it drops to 247-250 yet again. I have only completely fixed this problem one time by accident, no idea how, but after i deleted and reinstalled my gpu drivers (because of a problem with nvidia control panel) I was getting up to 1800 fps on a multiplayer server. Then, i needed to restart my computer to change a display setting, and boom, back down to 247-250 fps no matter what, and the same thing where i get the correct fps for 1 second after re-entering the game.

I use the badlion client for minecraft which shows me how many fps i get and some other things, but i know this isnt the cause of my problem. I also am not sure whether I am getting 3000fps but the number says 247-250, or if my fps are actually being killed. Also, i am using gsync.

Suggested solutions that dont work:
  1. try a vanilla client: in a vanilla client, i press f3 and it also says 247-250 fps no matter what
  2. change settings: i already have all of my minecraft settings to as fast as they can be, and all particles off. But no matter what i do with my settings the fps will stay the same, if i have render distance 20 or 4, it always shows 247-250 fps
  3. restarting pc: restarting my pc doesnt do anything but just waste time
  4. search for something called rivatuner or rtss.exe in task manager: dont have anything like those
  5. shut down other applications: No matter if i have chrome and discord running, or if its just minecraft and nothing else, it still says 247-250 fps.
I know that it doesnt matter if i am getting 250 fps or 100000 fps, because you will see no noticable change, but I want to know why i am having this problem, and to be honest, it looks much cooler having 3000 fps than 250 :)

hope someone can help, ive talked to as many people as i know that could help, and so far no one knows how to fix this.
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