Minecraft lag despite my gtx 670?


Mar 27, 2012
So I just built a new desktop computer, I have an intel i7 quad core, the 3770k, and an NVIDIA gtx 670 2gb vram. I can run battlefield 3 on ult with 70-80 fps no problem, but for somereason when I run minecraft, and I move around quickly I constantly find myself waiting for chunks to be rendered, I would think I should mever see blackness ever as low quality the graphics are on this awesome game lol

so what gives why does it run so slow? especially when I crank the render distance to extreme using optifine and spoutcraft and such,

also, when I am running minecraft, I never see my gpu go above 20% which could explain the slow rendering and fps, so why does it do this how can I fix it? I want to be able to crank up 10x speed on super view distance and see it all load instantly.

odly enough though, when I stop moving in game, just let it sit there, my gpu meter shoots up to 70% but as soon as i move my character it goes back down to 5%?