Minecraft RTX Performance: You're Going to Need a Beefy GPU


Feb 15, 2015
Goes to show how much more is needed before mainstream RTX on high fidelity game in both the software (game dev) side and the hardware (GPU and RTX specific cores) side. Not bashing ray-tracing as a concept, but this just convinces me further that it's not relevant to most consumers for another 2 or 3 years.
You would think a game with such seemingly basic in-game geometry would be a great showcase for new technology like RTX, but in the end I'm more inclined to see all of this as a failed attempt at smearing makeup on a pig. Never having enjoyed Minecraft, or feeling the inclination to play it more than the minimum necessary to work through someone else's technical issues, I find that no matter how realistically you render your duplo blocks, it's just not compelling, and I'm not about to seek out RTX based on this tired old title. This to me is a lot like PhysX. At one point a nice to have, and something I actually spent the extra effort to get working for myself when I could, until that point where NVIDIA decided to forcefully prevent PhysX on all but pure NVIDIA setups, whether I had NVIDIA equipment and wanted to use it or not. When ray tracing is ubiquitously available in all hardware and gives some form of visual uplift in most software titles, I'm game. While ray tracing remains an NVIDIA only gimmick, I'm going to take a hard pass.