Question Minecraft runs really poor on "good" pc

Apr 9, 2019
I know,I know,this question has been asked alot of times,but my case is definetely different.Im a console gamer.But I do have an 2010 pc that can play some of those more "old school games".Minecraft,seems to run extremely poor on my graphics card,despite the videos ive seen of the same exact card playing this game on extremely good frame rates.For me,I have to pump down the game at the lowest setting possible,and even by doing so,the game still roughly gets 40-50 fps.My motherboard has a onboard graphics card,which might be the cause of the problem,but I have completely disabled it from windows.If you have played minecraft once in your life,you know that if you press F3 a little menu comes up with the FPS, your pc's specs etc.But for me,it shows none of my specs!How is that possible?Is it possible that it runs on software only?(Which sounds impossible to me).My laptop,with similar specs doesnt have this problem and runs on my integrated gpu with no problem.Yes,ive tried to put minecraft in the nvidia control panel,yes Ive updated my java and yes,my drivers are all up to date.Any sugestions?
Windows 7 Proffesional
RAM:6gb DDR3: Kingston HyperX Blu 2gb and kingston 4gb ram
CPU:Intel i3 2120
GPU:Asus Geforce 240 1gb VRAM
MOTHERBOARD:Gigabyte GA Z68P DS3 Ver 2.0